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Please note that for some services that require documents to be converted to pdf, we are now using the Google OAuth 2 service.

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You need to be aware of what this entails as shown below:

The document will not be saved by Google or stored by Google.

The document that is submitted will typically be assignments that require annotating.

This service will be provided with your consent.

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Please note all items uploaded onto MS Teams or Moodle for dissemination must comply with the South African Copyright Law and the DUT Copyright Policy.

All 3rd party material must be preceded by the Copyright Licence agreement.

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The Durban University of Technology’s Policy on Copyright is determined by the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 and its subsequent amendments. To this effect, our Copyright Policy ensures that the Institution and its entire community remains compliant at all times in terms of the Act.

The fundamental business of education is to create and share knowledge. The existing marketplace for intellectual property often accomplishes this through the strong and productive balancing of creators' and users' rights that copyright law is designed to achieve.

As signatory to the International Berne Convention, South Africa is obliged to recognize and protect copyright works from signatory countries.  South Africa is also signatory to other international intellectual property agreements.

Copyright applies to all original literary, musical and artistic works; cinematograph films; sound recordings; published editions and computer programs reduced to material form; including programme carrying signals in electronic medium.  It can be assume that material copyrightable in print, is copyrightable in electronic forms. 

Subject exceptions, copyright endures for the lifetime of the “author” and 50 years after his/her death or first posthumous publication of work. Publishers maybe included in copyright ownership in respect of published editions.  Ownership of Copyright in terms of the Copyright Act defines the author or creator of work as owner of the rights, unless person in employment and work created in the course and scope of employment.

The university elects to comply with the Copyright Act that requires payment of reasonable licence fees as regulated by law.  Adherence to copyright is a legal requirement for the DUT, and failure in compliance could lead to legal consequences for the individual responsible for observing the provisions of the Act.

I acknowledge and abide by DUT’s Copyright Policy ld.php ( and am compliant in terms of the Copyright Act Microsoft Word - Copyright Act.doc (

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